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How To Create A List Of Adoring Fans That Want To Pay Without Having To Hire An Expensive Tech Guy

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The Backstory:
I was a struggling musician trying to get fans to sign up form my email list in hopes of then sending them an email to purchase my new CD. I really wanted to earn more money and grow my fan lists so I wouldn't have to I feel like my efforts of growing a fan base were NOT working.

My Desires:
I wanted to be able to justify being a musician in this time of all the noise and I could continue to gain true fans that wanted to spend money on my music.

External Struggle:
The thing is I was making a few dollars per show. That meant I wasn’t able to justify being a musician in this time of COVID and restrictions, let alone be a full time musician and connect with real fans.

Internal Struggle:
To make things worse, I felt terrible because I couldn't connect with my fans after my shows. I felt even worse about the situation because facebook and other social media outlets are complicated and not very user friendly to earn the trust of my fans. I felt like a failure when trying to market to my fans.

The Wall:
The problem was that COVID and other roadblocks were preventing the people at my live performances to connect with me significantly impacting my tips.. Which meant suddenly no more tips, which killed my ability to make a living.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

The Epiphany:
That's when I knew something had to change! I set out to create a tool that used QR codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) to connect with my fans at live performances.  I stumbled on something HUGE!

It was now crystal clear to me how to make more money from every fan who came in, because I saw I was connecting with real paying fans.

I also learned that you don't have to be an expert in marking or create a complicated campaigns to gain paying fans, you need to connect with people at your performances to discover your TRUE FANS that want to spend money on you.

As a result I built and began incorporating it in my shows. .

After I did that, I started EARN MORE MONEY than I thought was possible and building a list of REAL FOLLOWERS that continued to spend money on my music.

Suddenly, I was spending $1 a day and making $50 or $60 back.

That’s when I realized that the secret to get reals fans to sign up for my email list was giving people an easy way to connect and tip with out all the road blocks of signing in or signing-up.

The Plan:
My plan was to start sending facebook ads to anyone that liked my style of music.

So I started creating ads and serving them to people that liked any musician that was similar to my sound. But we didn’t stop there.

We then I then tweaked every ad everyday until I found people that were liking my content.

After that, we I would send those people an email asking them to spend $10 on my new CD.

But there was still a problem...

The Conflict:
each ad would bring in an average of 1-2 new fans everyday. Each ad still cost me $5 per day and still did not result in a purchase. You might think the ad is a failure but to a musician gaining fans email address's was great! My contact list grew to over 2000 fans and still 0 sales.

The Achievement:
I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to turn off my ads. You see taught me that I could not only gain true fans but they would pay me to be apart of my fan lists. Even better, the sales of my new CD/album increased 10x! Now on average I sell between 10 and 20 albums per week to real and true fans .

I chose to call it “”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to share this with other musicians in the same situation as me, I be really happy.

After 8 months of programming and every penny I had ever made, I created

I can now communicate with my fans and 10x my income.

I then started to let other Musicians use

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

10x my fan lists
10x my income
10x my marketing

within the last few months I've grown my contact lists from just a few 100 people to over 3000 adoring fans. In addition, each fan paid on average $5 to join and continue to spend money on my new merch.

The Transformation:
After creating, I was not only able to market to my true fans without spending a dime of my own money, I’ve also been able to stop paying on expensive facebook ads, because I can now stay actively in touch with real followers.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to spend time connecting with my true fans.