Breakthrough! Make More Tips and Stop Performing For People Who Don’t Care

How would you describe your process for getting more real fans that actually spend money on you in one sentence prior to using our software ?

Tedious!  Ive tried everything from facebook marketing to sending a clipboard around the room.  Ive built custom merch boxes with shinny lights and even offered to give away expensive CD’s in exchange for information.  At a certain point I gave up on having a list of fans that cared.  Emails are hard to get and phone numbers are even harder!!!

How long had you been looking for a solution before you found

Ive been a performing musician for over 20 years and every year, month, show I’m seeking ideas on how to market to my fans.

How did the software help you save time and / or avoid effort?

When i discovered I was in a world of hurt.  It was just after quarantine and all of the restaurants relocated the musicians to a location in the building that was not convenient for fans to visit me.  On top of that, fans stopped visiting my guitar case to tip me.  I needed help fast!

Setting up took 5 mins.  I had my table tents printed and at my next show.

What do you see is the long-term impact of using

I’m embarrassed to admit I forgot my table tents for one show and I was absolutely shocked at the response!  “where are your table tents?!” “How do I tip you now!”

I quickly jumped on and sent a text out with my landing page URL and was back on track!  So slick!!!

What would YOUR life be like now WITHOUT the

I tell everyone I see that this is the way it will be from here on out.  If I don’t have TipTree at my show I might as well forget my piano too! lol   Seriously, it has impacted my career so fast that I’m not sure how to collect tips and email addresses without it.