ContraX™ by is a simple

Event contract management is an administrative hassle for artists.  Sending contracts through the mail takes too much time, too much paper, and too much waiting around for a check to clear.  

ContraX by is a simple to use, artist-centric contract tool that will help you collect signatures and payments digitally - and better yet - instantly through an easy-to-navigate, collaborative system!  

As an artist, this tool will allow you to focus on your craft rather than technicalities.  Best yet?  It’s completely free!!!  

That’s right ContraX™ by is completely FREE!

ContraX™ is Easy for Artists


Login to your account and click on ContraX™.  You will be guided through a simple contract-generation process that allows you to customize the following details, specific to the event: 

  • Type of Event: Wedding, Private, Corporate or Custom
  • Purchasers Name
  • Address 
  • Date
  • Length of Performance 
  • Price
  • Down Payment 
  • And more (or less!) as needed

ContraX strikes the perfect balance between customization, simplicity, and artist protection.  You can feel confident that your legal bases are covered, while also being able to add in your custom requirements as a performer.  Want to add a line to bridal contracts that allow the couple to request songs?  Okay!  Want to describe stage and electrical requirements?  ContraX™ can do that! 

ContraX™ Is Easy for Your Clients

 After you finalize the contract details, ContraX™️ will send your client a secure link to digitally sign your contract quickly and easily.  

Next, they will be guided through a simple and secure process to send payment for your event via credit card, Apple Pay, Google pay, or Samsung payment.  


 Once the agreement is signed and the requested payment processed, the contract is complete.  Both your client and you will then receive an email with the finalized contract in the form of a downloadable PDF. No more papers to clutter up your studio and you will look like a total pro!