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Here’s a special message for every Musicians who needs to earn more money, but cant figure out how to get people to visit the old guitar case.

Hi, my name is Jud Hailey and if you want to succeed with Collecting Tips and Building Lists, then pay very close attention!

Many musicianss suffer from the idea that Fans don’t want to be invited to follow an artist or sign up for email lists.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you’re musicians that want to maximize their income and build email lists… then THIS is exactly what you’re looking for.

I’d like to introduce you to “TipTree” which helps you with a method and an easy to use software to immediately collect tips and maximize email list building !

“TipTree” makes it simple for you to:

> start earning top dollar and look like a pro while you do it…

> fans start coming back to your shows more frequently …

> grow your fan lists without the pain of asking fans to join…

> easily collect tips through Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, Apple Pay, Credit cards, Google pay and more with a single QR Code…

> Stop tip-less nights and slow attendance; Tiptree grows your shows automatically…

… and much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?

Now you never have to worry about loss of income due to technology advancing beyond the old methods of tipping again!

Which also means you’re not stuck feeling like this was just a poor performance or chalk it up to the cheap fans.

And best of all… you’ll start seeing results with “TipTree” in Instantly and it costs 16mo.

So again, if you’re musicians that want to maximize their income and build email lists, understand this:

> the world is moving towards a cashless economy and Tiptree helps you collect all electronic payments without needing to be an expert …

> you don’t need to have 200 shows on the calendar or perform cover music to grow your fanbase…

> tiptree makes it easy to collect electronic tips and grow your fan lists…

And “TipTree” from Jud Hailey holds the key to your success with Collecting Tips and Building Lists.

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