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Tip Nudge

Tip nudge is a feature that allows you to control when a fan is required to tip for song requests. You can set this feature up to force a tip or softly suggest a tip.

Tip Nudge

Activating this feature will gently suggest the fan to tip after the third song request.

Tip Per Song Request

Force fans to tip for every song request. You can set a minimum amount here or you can charge different amounts under set lists.


  • How Does this feature work?
    • Just like with other requests the fan is greeted with a streamlined form and process. After entering their information or signing in they will choose a song. The “next” button will bring them to a payment form (stripe). they will enter their information (if not saved already) and hit submit.
  • Where does the money go?
    • All payments are collected through your personal Stripe account.
  • Does Tiptree.io Collect a fee?
    • Yes, all stripe transactions are 5%.
  • Can use peer-to-peer like Venmo to collect payments?
    • No, peer-to-peer apps like Venmo do not allow for traditional payment methods.
  • I want to use a set list to suggest different rates for songs.
    • With an active set list you can suggest any rate for any song. To activate follow the steps to Create a set list. After you have added your set list to your landing page Tiptree will automatically choose the prices set in your list.
  • Can I use an open form to charge for requests?
    • Absolutely! Simply activate Tip Per Song and choose the amount you would like to charge.
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