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Landing Page Essentials

Menu-> Landing Pages-> Create/Edit


Creating a new landing page; it is important to choose a title. The title is directly related to the URL and QR code of your landing page.

Example: Title-> Musicians First Name

URL: https://tiptree.io/my-tip-tree/musicians-first-name


Choosing a title is mandatory and your page will not be saved until characters are in the box.

Handling Duplicate Pages

Duplicate page titles will be handled numerically in order of page creation.


Page 1

Page Title: Musicians Title Page

URL: https://tiptree.io/my-tip-tree/musicians-title-page

Page 2

Page Title: Musicians Title Page

URL: https://tiptree.io/my-tip-tree/musicians-title-page-1

Essentials (Minimum Requirements)

After you have chosen a title scroll down to the “Essentials Tab”

TipTree Phone Number

Add your cellphone that you will have on had at your shows. This is where all requests will be sent. This field is still required even if you have disabled the form features.

TipTree Email Address

The email address is important (even if it’s the same as the account email address) as this is how fan lists will be setup and saved.

Artist Title

While this may seem redundant it is particularly important as this becomes the title of your page and how your artist page is referenced in sms messages, and tip receipts to your fans.

At this point you are ready to save/update your page.

However, you are far from done setting up your landing page.

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